You are a man of power and means.


A high value man with the world at your fingertips.

You have all the materials things, but without HER it’s unfulfilling. 

There’s a heaviness in your heart, a feeling of discontent. 

You think to yourself, “Will this actually work out this time?”

The time has come to make a choice.

You get to decide the masterpiece you want to create.

You deserve happiness and a love that moves you to your core.

It’s time to choose another timeline and claim your Divine Queen.


The woman you want by your side doesn’t care about what car you drive or what’s in your bank account…

  • She’s not looking for what she can get from you. 

  • What she desires the most is to feel your unwavering presence and your opened heart.

  • To feel safe, loved and cherished by you. 

  • You become the man who can hold her through anything.

  • And in return she is ravenous for every inch of you. 

Your Queen is soft and feminine


  • Making it easy for you to open up. 

  • She’s excited to hear about your ideas, listening to you intently as you share your inner Genius. 

  • She challenges you in a way that calls you to rise into the Sovereign King you were born to be.

  • She surrenders to you fully, allowing you to penetrate her mind, body and soul. 

  • She is your oracle, your queen, your muse.

  • A sacred goddess who sees you as a divine king. 

  • She is devoted to you, your leadership, your kingly existence.

  • Her love is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 

  •  The blissful rapture you feel is almost indescribable.

  •  Your sex is raw, dripping, an ocean of pleasure.

  •  Together you feel unstoppable, euphoric, passionately in love. 

  •  Floating in a sea of pure bliss and possibility. 

  •  She sees you and holds you in your brilliance. 

  • Your love unlocks unimaginable levels of eroticism and abundance.

As the Sovereign King you understand that your true power lies within


Not in some material expression. 


So you take care in tending to the full world within you.

You know that a sacred union with your Queen will change your life. And it comes with no cost, all benefit.

Powerful, sensual, erotic.

There is a deep sense of safety and trust between you.

The relationship is one of deep reverence and integrity.

You are your true self, completely adorned and fully accepted by your Queen.

A warrior. A lover. A king.

Fearlessly committed to a life of full devotion, unwavering love and deep intimacy.

Life feels like a wet dream, only better.



Welcome King,

It's an honour to serve you.

I Am Michelle Pound

A goddess, oracle and high priestess. 

I’ve been in service to gods and kings just like you for lifetimes.

I know exactly what it takes to call in and hold your Divine Queen. 

To experience a love so exquisite that the heavens weep. 

My mastery lies in the energetic realms. Seeing what is blocking you from the love, pleasure and devotion you deserve. 

Together we dive deep into the root cause of what’s in the way and release it.

Opening your field and becoming an energetic match to higher levels of pleasure, power and love. 

This journey requires you to show up in your fullness. 

To be fully seen as you are.

There’s no hiding with me.

Our work together is an initiation into the depths of your soul.

And that’s why your transformation is unparalleled. 

If you are ready to dive all the way in, expect to be heavily rewarded. 

"Working with Michelle was the best decision I ever made! She is a genius at what she does and a full blown sorceress. I never realized how closed off to love I actually was until we starting working together. She helped me open my heart and call in true love."

- Justin Cortez

"My work with Michelle was super healing and powerful. I was holding in so much sexual shame from my religious upbringing that I was completely unaware of and it was wrecking havoc in my relationships. After going through numerous energy sessions with Michelle everything shifted.  For the first time I felt liberated in my sexuality and fully pursued my desires. Michelle you are a complete goddess, thank you for everything."

- Daniel Mayer

"I never knew how closed off I was to actually being in a relationship until I met Michelle. She helped me process so much anger and resentment I was holding from my exs. During one of our sessions it literally felt like my heart was going to explode but in a good way. I now am with my epic queen and I have Michelle to thank. Work with this woman, she is pure magic."

- Manu Ruas

Here’s some of what we cover in our work together….

Deepening your relationship to self so that you can give and receive more pleasure and love.

Feeling more connected to god, the universe  and your purpose than ever before. 

Raising your standards and boundaries to create more connection and intimacy in your relationship. 

Expanding your orgasmic and erotic capacity through ancient tantric teachings.

Healing past traumas and wounds so you can fully show up for your union with your Queen. 

Mindful communication so you can learn to express yourself in a way that you feel honoured and heard. 

Getting crystal clear on your relationship vision and becoming a match to call it in. 


Your Transformation Over The Next 90 days...


Inner Union

During our first month together we do the deep inner work in order to release negative stories and energetic distortions keeping you out of your power and divine union. Using a combination of mindset, energy work and somatic practices we shift old belief systems and create a new reality rooted in desire, passion and love. 



The Vision

During our second month, we get crystal clear on what it is you desire to experience when it comes to love, sex and intimacy. We discuss your most thrilling dreams and desires and go to work on aligning your energy, words and actions to make it a reality.


Claiming Your Queen

During our final month, we focus on fine tuning your energy and amplifying your power to become a match to your sacred Queen. We combine the previous months learnings with massive action to make your relationship a reality.


  • 3 month high touch transformational vortex with the option to extend 

  • Weekly 45 minute zoom call that combines energy adjustments, mindset work and quantum healing to get things moving at lightning speed 

  • Voxer access in between calls to keep you clear and focused 

  • 1 distance healing to remove old programming and rewire new beliefs to be a match for your divine union


Ready To Get Started?

I'm honoured to walk this path with you. In order to ensure  the highest standards and level of service, I only work with 2 kings at a time. Please fill out the form below to ensure we are a good fit. Once your application has been reviewed, a member of my team will be in contact to let you know next steps. 


Not quite sure if the Sovereign King is right for you?


I also offer 1 time deep dives with follow up voxer support. During this powerful and potent session we will laser in on a major block you’re experiencing in your love life in order to shift your reality. Expect a major upgrade.



You Deserve A Legendary Love Story